Toyota replacement truck bed
Sal Casio!! A proud bed owner! I almost beleive Sal is not scared to load his Deluxe bed to the max or maybe its because he knows he has a lifetime guarantee. Them Virginia hardwood trees could be heavy lol. Your 1985 or 1986 Toyota truck could look this good!!
1985 Toyota truck bed
Brians economy bed! Cure for rust! Brian had his bed installed @ our shop in PA. Check out his finished Yota to the right!!
Toyota 4X4 truck beds
Brian the rust buster! I think Brian is a well pleased bed owner who was just looking for a place to dump his rusted out 4X4 Toyota pick up bed. The Pennsylvania bone yard says hi to his rusted bed while the Maryland highways and rugged country welcome his new fiberglass bed. Happy trails Brian. You too can restore your 1987 Toyota truck to show room condition at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new Yota!! You can congratulate Brian on his new bed at
1986 Toyota truck bed
A LETTER FROM ROB THE NATURE LOVER!! Tim, Thank you and your staff for the fine job installing my economy truck bed for my 1988 Toyota 4X4. I am very happy with it. It was an easy ride to your shop from our home in northwestern NJ. Ralston and the surounding state forests is very scen'ic, I'm glad my wife and I brought our bikes so we could enjoy the areas Mts., rivers, beauty while you and your staff performed the work. I would recomend bringing bikes to all who have a B&G bed installed.
Toyota rusted bed
The only thing Pauls truck needed to put it in show room condition was a new bed . His cab was in excellent shape the bed was gone. Here is Paul's deluxe fix and new look to the right!!
1988 Toyota truck bed
I believe Paul P. was looking for something that would give his Toyota a safe,sturdy ride as well as cosmetic perfection. Paul is a comercial airline pilot with an untold of responsibility. We hope our bed keeps his load as secure and safe as he does his air craft and passengers. Our prayers go out to you and all pilots Paul.
fiberglass replacement truck bed
THE HIGHWAY COWBOY! Congratulations James! James drives around 500 horses over the U.S. trails for a living and the rig he drives helps keep America moving into the future. He purchased a deluxe model bed with a blue metalic, base coat clear coat color surface to keep his Toyota truck moving into the future with a style all it's own. We,re sorry about the quality of your picture James.
Chevy S10 replacement truck bed
Izzy's Cure!! Izzy was very pleased when he left the Army base and came to get his bed installed. Here's a picture of the bed that cured his rust problem. Congratulations Izzy.